Eye Treatments

Eyelash Image Eyebrow Tint: A fuller-brow look can be achieved with tint if hairs are present: £6.50
Eyelash Perm: Eyelashes are curled.Lasting 4-6 weeks,instant fake eye lift: £22.00
Eyelash Tint: After a 24hr skin test. eyelashes are tinted lasting 4-6 weeks: £8.50

Hands & Feet

Feet Image Manicure: File, cuticle work, massage and polish: £20.00
Paraffin Wax: With heated boots/mitts: £20.00
Pedicure: A complete pedicure using a credo knife to remove hard skin. Includes file, cuticle massage and polish: £40.00

Hopi Ear Candles
Ear Image
A soothing, relaxing, balancing and decongesting treatment: £25.00

Make Up
Model Image
From £30.00

Salon Image Salon Image

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