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The products used for most of my facial treatments are from Mary Cohr which I have been using since 1987.

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Mary Cohr goes to the heart of nature to obtain the best for women's beauty. Mary Cohr laboratories indeed select the best plants, from which the very best active ingredients are extracted; the latter are then incorporated into our products at the optimal concentrations, in order to obtain the best beauty results for you.

Mary Cohr was the first beauty salon brand to create beauty treatments that are as natural as possible -- GMO-free, paraben-free, chemical filter-free, with skin-compatible scents - so that your skin can obtain nourishment from the best and the most active of the secrets held within plants.

Age Firming: The age-firming facial smoothes away dead skin & wrinkles, tightening & restores the radiance of face & décollete: £64.00

Aromatherapy Facial: Hands-on, essential oils relaxing facial (extraction optional): £47.00

CathioLift: Faradic current exercises the face muscles. Used regularly will give lifting effect: £47.00

CathioVital: Cleaning extraction and nourishing with ionised gels which penetrate into deep layers with galvanic current: £54.00

Collagen Bio-Matrix Facial: Freeze dried collagen driven into the skin with galvanic current. Skin looks smoother & more radiant. Also includes extraction & collagen massage: £54.00

Dermo Peel: A renewal treatment helping to soften dull complexion, pigmentation & signs of ageing: £58.00

High Frequency: An ideal accompaniment to a facial for oily/combo skin. Also for acne rosacea as reduces symptoms: £25.00

Non-Surgical Face Lift: Micro current facial re-program muscles: £42.00

Ultra-Sonic Treatment: Aids with skin healing: £25.00

Vacuum Suction Treatment: Lymphatic drainage. Increases rate of lymph flow by vacuum machine: £40.00

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