Specialised Electrolysis

The skin starts life as a flawless canvas, free from imperfections. however damage, age & health can change all that but advanced electrolysis can treat a wide variety of skin blemishes in a simple way with thermosis (heat).

Age Spot Image Age Spots / Keratoses

Small rough bumps of scaly hardened skin often found on backs or areas of sun damage

From £40.00

Blood Spot Image Blood Spots

These are bright red blemishes which are just under the surface, are dome shaped and found in areas of friction.

From £40.00

Milia Image Milia Removal

These are tiny hard lumps containing keratin which are often found around the eye area.

From £40.00

Skin Tag Image Skin Tags

Unsightly tags on face/neck and body which are made of loose fibrous tissue and may be pigmented after diathermy cauterizing they fall off in a few days.

From £40.00

Thread Vein Image Thread Veins / Spider Naevus

Broken capillaries from the weathering effects of sun and wind etc. on fine delicate skin.

From £40.00

Salon Image Salon Image

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